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K&K Charity collaborated with The Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong in 2017 and introduced Road Bike training to The WIND Program. The pilot project recruited around 20 youths to participate in the 3-phase road bike training. Apart from the physical and technique training, a visit for local road bike development and a 3-days Shenzhen Road Bike Tour are included to bring challenges and new insights for youths to unleash their potentials.



24 Mar, 2018

Closing Ceremony

After 6-months trainings, youths and their families gathered and shared their experiences, learnings and growth. The youths also shared their level of achievement in their self-expectations set in the briefing session and the future plan. Parents also presented the gifts to encourage their youths to keep up with the changes.



20 Feb, 2018

3-Days Shenzhen Training Trip

8 outstanding participated youths selected by coaches and social workers enjoyed a 3 days trip to Shenzhen, to practice their skills learnt and complete the challenge of daily outdoor cycling training at a total around 70km.




03 Jan, 2018

Regular Training (Phase III)

The Phase 3 training includes 6 weekly intensive indoor physical training and outdoor trainings to unleash their potentials.


23 Sep, 2017

Regular Training (Phase II)

The Phase 2 training includes 6 weekly intensive trainings on physical fitness and road bike skills before outdoor trainings.



05 Jul, 2017

Regular Training (Phase I)

The Phase 1 training includes 6 weekly trainings on basic road bike knowledge, safety issue and indoor physical trainings.



28 Jun, 2017

Briefing Session

The project successfully recruited 16 youths to participate. The social worker introduced project’s contents and timeline, as well as collected the self-expectation of every participated youths.



Lau Kam Chung

Head Coach


This is the first attempt to organize a series of training for youths in Tin Shui Wai and the process is full of difficulties. Our coaches used half a year to unleash youths’ potentials and techniques till they meet the requirement of having an overseas training. I am so glad that the youths can establish their self-identity, self-confidence and responsibility during the training. And I hope the program can be sustainable to assist more underprivileged youths.

24 Mar, 2018

Ah Ki

Youth participant of Road Bike Training


During the training, I have to strike for better performance, to persist and breakthrough myself with courage and determination. Reviewing the 3-phase trainings, I am thankful for the mental and technical support from my peers. I hope to keep up with my positive changes, like I have to complete the race once I ride on my bike.

24 Mar, 2018

Ah Wa

Youth participant of Road Bike Training


After 3 phases trainings and 3 days Shenzhen intensive training, I uphold my belief of ‘No pain, No gain’. My muscle become more powerful after training and pain, my speed of cycling also improved, I started to over-take my peers during trainings.

24 Mar, 2018


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