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K&K Charity introduced ‘Dare to Dream’ Funding Scheme from 2017. The scheme encourages creative and innovative projects to assist youths unleashing their potentials. ‘YouMaker Experiential Learning Program’ is one of the selected projects, which helps SEN students to enhance social skills, team spirit, communication skills, planning and execution skills.

‘YouMaker Experiential Learning Program’ selected 4 secondary schools and provided HKD$20,000 as the seed money for operation of lunar new year fair in Victoria Park. The profit will be shared and used for achieving youths’ dreams. The project includes school tour, business workshop and business operation experiences etc. to helps youths to identify their strengthens and understand the skills and attitude required in the real world. These trainings will enhance their self-confidence, creativity and personal ability, so as to unleash their potentials.





09 Mar, 2018

Closing Ceremony

4 teams participated in Lunar New Year Fair presented their original design, arrangement as well as the outcomes and learnings. All of them were awarded with their contribution and great success in the program. All teams made profit and they will use the amount shared to achieve their dreams set such as learning hand crafting, saving as startup capital, joining exchange tour and treat family members a meal etc. Participated youths also shared how the program enhance their self-confidence, communication skills and resilience.



11 Feb, 2018

Lunar New Year Fair in Victoria Park

4 teams youths sell their self-designed products in the Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair. After deducting the cost, the profit will be shared by the participated youths for achieving their dreams.



11 Feb, 2018

Kick-off ceremony

Honorable guests, including Chairman of K&K Charity – Mr. Kino Law, CEO of Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service – Mr. James Chiu and 4 representatives of participated schools, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony as a formal kick-off of 4 team’s booth in Victoria Park. Apart from the profit earned for achieving dreams, the project also aims to enhance youths’ communication skills, social skills and team spirit. The youths introduced their products to the guests and successfully sold out some stocks as a good beginning.



02 Feb, 2018

Pre-Sale Workshop

4 teams of participated youths prepared the pre-sale workshop with marketing and sales strategy. They modified the strategy and plan with the comments received from K&K volunteers.


17 Nov, 2017

Workshops: Business and Creativity

4 teams of youths attended the workshops of business operation and creativity. From the speakers’ sharing, the youths make use of their creativity and ideas to plan for the upcoming products and preliminary designs.




11 Nov, 2017

Opening Ceremony

4 teams of 10 – 15 secondary students are formed after the school tours. The participated youths planned their dreams by the profit from the lunar new year fair, and put them into the time machine, which will be reviewed during closing ceremony.


08 Nov, 2017

School Tour

The scheme organized workshops to introduce ‘ Dare to Dream – YouMaker Experiential Learning Program’ , the workshop served over 400 students and helped them to experience the skills required in working, including problem solving skills, cooperation and negotiation skills, judging and decision making, cognitive flexibility and innovative ideas  etc. At the end, the scheme selected 4 schools and provided HKD$20,000 as seed money for them to operate the booth of lunar new year fair in Victoria Park.





Participants (CCC Kung Lee College)


As team leaders, we experienced that business operation is full of difficulties. Throughout the process, we need to communicate with various parties, such as to communicate with the supplier about the price, quantity, quality and transportation issues, to deal with all the details. During the operation of lunar new year fair, we have to check the record of daily revenue and sales details to adjust about sales strategy such as prices, packages and promotions.

After trial and error, we finally finished our products and were all sold out in the lunar new year fair. More and more visitors purchased our products and appreciated our creativity, which created our successful experience and enhance our confidence.

09 Mar, 2018


Participant (St. Mark's School)


My communication skills and inter-personal relationship were enhanced throughout the program, especially operation of the lunar new year fair. I also leant to make myself well prepared, which stimulated me to start my life planning and hope to live a bright future.

09 Mar, 2018


Participant (Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School)


At the beginning, I felt puzzled and nervous to collaborate with newly met schoolmates throughout the whole program. We all have learnt to communicate, to cooperate and to contribute our strengths, in order to finish all the tasks. Although we contribute so much in the program, and in return it is encouraging to us that we gained a lot of successful experiences and outcomes.

09 Mar, 2018


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