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Starting from February 2016, K&K Charity has been working closely with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group (HKFYG), to organize ‘The WIND - Thai Boxing Training Program’ for teenagers. The program aim is to assist teenagers to rebuild their self-confidence, and to enhance their problem-solving and communication skills through the stringent fitness and Thai Boxing skills training.  The program also invites staff and VIP guests of K&K Property to be buddies of the teenagers, in order to create a supporting circle, helping the teenagers to build a positive value.

The new phase of the program will be commenced in September 2016 and it will be last for one-year till August 2017. 

100 teenagers have been recruited for the new phase of the program, the trial Thai Boxing lessons have been conducted on 23 and 24 September 2016, to let the teenagers to try the sport and estimate their interest in continuation. An official opening day-camp will be held in 5 November 2016.




25 Aug, 2017

Volunteer Services

Apart from regular Thai Boxing training, participated youths also commit in social service regularly to contribute to the society. The event invited corporate volunteers of K&K, to serve the elderlies living alone in Tuen Mun Po Tin Estate with the participated youths to do home cleaning and change bed sheets. The corporate volunteers and youths both shared their reflections during the post-event sharing session.



20 Aug, 2017

Internal Boxing Competition

To prepare for The WIND Carnival 2017 cum closing ceremony, internal competitions and performances were arranged in Sham Shui Po Pei Ho Street Sports Centre. The youths invited their families and friends to enjoy the competitions and Muay Thai dancing performances.




30 Jul, 2017

Open Compeition

Despite regular training lessons and volunteer services, the scheme also provided opportunity for participated youths to gain experiences from open competitions. This year, after intensive trainings, 2 outstanding youths represented The WIND Program to participate in open competition and had excellent results.




17 Jul, 2017

Overseas Challenge - Thailand

6 outstanding youths enjoyed a 5-days-4-nights challenge in Pattaya, Thailand. Apart from professional Thai Boxing trainings, 6 youths were divided into 2 groups, and had to complete a list of tasks around Pattaya with corporate volunteers and social workers. The tasks included insect-eating challenge, ‘Amazing Race’ in Pattaya Floating Market and City Hunt in Pattaya City Centre etc.

Every day’s challenges are of different theme, including self-confidence, team collaboration, courage and self-challenge, responsibility and punctuality, allowed participated youths and volunteers to reflect their growth. Besides, there was a sharing session every night to recapture the highlights and encourage the team members through personal sharing of corporate volunteers.







24 Jun, 2017

Overnight Challenge

To enhance mutual understanding of the 6 outstanding youths, they went through an overnight challenge in Pak Tum Au. They finished assigned team tasks in the urban area and reflect their personal growth and learning from the scheme. The activity strengthened the team’s cohesiveness and collaboration, which prepared them for the overseas challenge.



06 May, 2017

Overseas Challenge Interview

The WIND Program firstly introduced Overseas Challenge, to offer opportunity for participated youths to have an overseas training experience, as well as to showcase their personal growth throughout the training. Over 30 youths were nominated by social workers, parents and schools, they attended the interview to fight for the valuable opportunity. Finally, 6 outstanding were selected by the judging panel and will go to Thailand for a 5-days-4-nights challenge trip in July, 2017.

08 Apr, 2017

Engagement Activity - Wargame

Youths from various classes of the training program joined the wargame session to experience activity other than thaiboxing training. They enjoyed the time with others and built up their team spirit.




26 Feb, 2017

Interactive Workshop

The participated youths promoted Thai boxing as a positive sport through educational interactive workshops in the community.



05 Nov, 2016

Opening Ceremony

Over 100 youths, their families, K&K volunteers and HKFYG social workers joined opening ceremony cum training day camp with mass games and tasks, which strengthened their relationship building and cohesiveness.



29 Oct, 2016

Weekly Training

There are 4 regular classes of Thai-boxing training for youths weekly and this last for a year. The weekly physical and technique training aims to provide both physical and mental enhancement for the youths to unleash their potentials.





Youth Participant of Thai Boxing Training


I am glad to participate in the open competition on behalf of The WIND Program, in which I understand this is a valuable opportunity to showcase my learnings. At that time, I told myself to put you back into it and there will be no regret. After winning the competition, I think it worth. In the future, I hope to infect others through my persistence and determination.

30 Jul, 2017


Youth Participant of Thai Boxing Training


Apart from the past 2 years’ Thai boxing training, I also participate in various social services. During the process, I learnt to be empathetic, to forgive others and found my own self-fulfillment. With the support and encouragement from The WIND’s family, my self-confidence, punctuality and responsibility were strengthened.

25 Aug, 2017


Youth Participant of Thai Boxing Training


I was born sickly and was diagnosed Dyslexia, which led to discrimination and bullying often come to me. After continuous training for 2 years, I rebuild my confidence and learnt to be strong facing the discrimination and bullying. This year, I had a valuable opportunity to participate in the overseas challenge. During the trip, my communication skill is enhanced. I also attempted breakthrough myself in the tasks and challenges.

21 Jul, 2018


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